Food is everything!

We build our relationships with food. And that’s actually true!
Be it home, office, school, or space!!

We know that people who love to eat are always happy within their own circle of food.
Some of them like hanging out in a restaurant, some of them like sitting back in the comfortable spaces of their homes or offices.

Foodies will be foodies!
Some are angels, some are devils. We have mentioned the different kinds of foodies below.

By the end of this post, count-out how many of them you have met.

The ‘Just One Bite’ Monster

These ‘monsters’ will always be ready to take one ‘small’ bite from everyone’s food. That’s what they do!

The Constant Trackers

These ‘eagle-eyed’ species will glue their eyes to the mobile screens as soon as they place their order. From the moment the restaurant accepts their order to stalking the delivery guy point to point is their favorite pastime.

The Shutter Bugs

You CANNOT JUST EAT peacefully in their presence. They want pictures from every angle. I mean, it’s just a food delivery lah, we’re not in a fancy restaurant. So just relax!

The Forever Broke

Of course, we know them. We’re one of them. Don’t start me on how difficult it gets when the month is about to end.
I have cravings, I want food, let me borrow some money from my fellow mates. If you know what I mean. *evil laugh

The ‘Stay back home’

They hate eating out. One cozy corner in their room, food, Netflix and chill!
They rank number one when it comes to binge eating. Don’t underestimate the power of staying back home, ordering food and eating the way you want to. Nobody’s judging.

The Fixed Menu

We all have THAT ONE FRIEND. Same menu, same food, every time.
Be it any restaurant, you just cannot argue with their choices of food. But please someone tell them we can’t order Chinese from an Italian restaurant!!

The Sherlocks

We can call them ‘the offer scouts’ as well. Running out on a coupon?
Which restaurant has the best offers?
Best food?
Best food delivery app?

The Hoarders

You’ll never find them alone. They’re mostly seen with at least one food item with them. Always. Tell them, the discount will get over by midnight, they’ll order every possible food item they can. Exam days? Stress days? Snackables? They love hoarding food.
We feel you, hoarders.

The Possessives

Touch their food and you’re gone!!
And I think that’s enough about them.

The ‘Always Ready To Order’

Lovely people indeed.
I’m sure we all love them. People who are always ready to eat are the best. Want someone to share food? Required to fulfill a minimum order amount? Ask them. They’ll never disappoint you.

The Bottomless Pit

Extra food. Leftover snacks. Unwanted tomatoes (Arghh). You can always rely on them. They are passionate eaters. They eat everything. With everything I mean everything!

So I guess you must have figured out which category do you belong to. Tell us in the comment section how many of them have you witnessed. No matter whatever kind of foodie you are, food will always remain constant.


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