What’s Amazing about SwitzGo


Do you ever feel overburdened with all the food delivering apps available online?

And can’t decide which one to choose?

Discounts, promo codes, multiple restaurants, they cover almost everything, but what about quick deliveries, lah??

Haven’t we all faced that?

Delayed deliveries every time!!

But what’s amazing about SwitzGo? And why should you try that?


And let’s address the elephant in the room, we NEED QUICK DELIVERIES!

We understand how people face delayed deliveries because of unpredictable weather and how inconvenient it gets.

Late-night cravings, cheat days, inability to leave your house, traffic, running behind on your daily schedule, don’t want to cook?

But who needs reasons to order food right?

We Malaysians have a thing for food. And we love that. We live in a food paradise!!

The food delivery system has been going through notable changes from the past few years and will continue to do so. Evaluating people’s needs is the key to finer results and greater services. For your growling stomachs and insatiable hunger needs, we’ve come up with an app that will simplify your food ordering experience.

To enhance the user experience, we’ve made sure that we offer customer transparency. So that’s how you’ll be able to see where your order is, who is the delivery person, rating the food and the rider as well!

We’ve taken care of better onsite experience using advanced technologies while you shuffle through multiple menus! Not just that, we’ve ensured that our delivery management is on point. Quick responses, easy cancellations, more focus on feedback, we’ve nailed down whatever problems the users have been facing till now.

In terms of safety concerns, we’ve made certain that you receive delivery bags with a nano-septic sticker that kills bacteria and germs. We’ve divided our riders into halal and non-halal groups because we understand how much importance it carries in our lives.

Wondering how will we deliver faster than others?

That’s because our rider will cover a radius of only a few km’s, which will help us deliver happiness in a shorter period after the order has been placed.

So we do not just deliver food, we deliver happiness. And we know how we Malaysians are crazy about it. SwitzGo has taken care of every detail that’s been missing in the food delivery culture.

So now! It’s just about YOU and YOUR FOOD, and nothing else matters!!!


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