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Reach out to new customers

You can instantly increase your business sales by partnering with SwitzGo. You’ll have access to even more customers who are looking to enjoy your tasty dishes at home or office.

Faster Delivery

You’ll be connected to professional riders who care about food as much as you do and deliver it to the customer, fresh and on time.

A great customer experience

SwitzGo will support you every step of the way, from an order being placed to the food being delivered. We make sure your customer has the best food delivery experience.

How it works?

New Order

As soon as someone orders from your restaurant, you’ll receive the order in your merchant app.

Preparing Food

You can then confirm the order and set the status to “In the kitchen” from your merchant app.

Order Dispatch

Once prepared, handover the order to the delivery agent.

Reach out and grow with us

Day-to-day support

From taking your first order to grow your brand, SwitzGo will make sure you get the most out of our partnership.


We handle delivery, so you can focus on the food with no extra staff.


Reward and retain your customers by leveraging on the SwitzGo promo codes.

Tools to market your restaurant

Get access to tools that help you track, analyze and improve your business online. In addition, run your own promotions and target the right customer at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to become SwitzGo food Merchant Partner?

1) Copy of bank account details
2) Copy of business Document
3) Copy of halal certificate (if applicable)

How do I become SwitzGo Food Merchant partners?

Sign Up Here
Our representative will contact you to complete your registration.
We will help you to market your online storefront on SwitzGo Merchant App and provide all the necessary equipment you need to get started.

Can I register on SwitzGo food if I do not have an actual shop front?

Yes you can, if you have the required business licenses and documents as above

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