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Let your business see the light and day as new customers explore your business. Simply list your store on SwitzGo to get started.

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We are highly focused on delivering orders on time. With many delivery partners ready on the road, we ensure happy and great customer service.

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We have a great delivery network and an awesome customer support team. You can increase your sales that lead to higher profit margins.

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Download our merchant app. You’ll receive an order request as soon as someone orders from your store.

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Confirm the customer’s order and mark it as received. Start preparing the order that needs to be sent.

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Once the order is ready and ready to be shipped, send out the order and set the status to dispatched.

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No need to hire an extra staff

With SwitzGo you’ll never have to worry about hiring delivery personals. We let you focus on your grocery store by increasing your market reach.

Track every order

You can know where the order is and when the customer received it with SwitzGo tracking tools. Delivery cannot get any easier.

Increase your reach

Once you list your grocery store with SwitzGo, new customers will be able to view your store without putting in extra efforts.

Make customers for life

With your well-organized service and our impeccable delivery, we ensure customers who order once would love to come back to you.

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